Who We Are

We are your partners in co-creation. We provide intuitive strategy, infusing your business with intention and clarity to manifest grounded results. We’re the answer to your prayers (literally) – your biz besties, who care as much about your success as you do. We’re passionate about breathing new life and abundance into your work, empowering you to create the business you truly desire.


Sally + Sasha
your biz besties


What We Offer

As your intuitive guides, we offer strategic support - for your Biz, Brand, Buzz - catered to your specific needs, dreams, and desires. Our approach allows you to achieve tangible results in a way that feels nourishing and aligned with your purpose. We're invested in your growth, so our work together can evolve as your business evolves.




The brains of your business. The vision, systems, and procedures that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.


The heart and soul of your business. The visual, verbal, and energetic elements that represent your unique and sacred vision.


The guts, glitter, and all the glory. The strong current of energy that dares you and your message to be seen, heard, and shared.

Work With Us

No matter where you are in your business, we get you and we've got you. We thrive when we're bringing big visions to life. So if you're ready to manifest magic and abundance in your business, we'd love to connect with you!

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Your Biz Besties


Sally | sacred artist

Sally is on a mission to reclaim all things as sacred, especially your expression – and especially when your expression evolves into a business. She is a master at seeing a vision in all its epic glory and translating that into clear, tangible, doable steps. Most importantly, she does this all while embracing ease, pleasure, and fun for everyone involved, because if it’s not pleasurable, she’s not interested. For more magic, visit or follow @sallysimply.

Sally is a portal to the truth of the soul of my business. With her team, she ensures that every element of my company (both spiritual and tangible) operates in alignment with our vision.
— Jordanna Eyre | founder of Modern Day Sorcerer & Sorcerer School

Sasha | systems superhero

Here are three things Sasha believes to be true: (1) systems are everything: they impact your ability to work in/on your biz with ease and they provide a container for your biz to grow; (2) authenticity is gorgeous: there is no reality in which you must sacrifice beauty in your Biz, Brand, Buzz for the sake of being perceived as authentic; (3) marketing is magical: it allows you to communicate your truth and share your unique abilities with the universe - so, if you're embodying your truth, your marketing won't ever feel icky. For more magic, visit or follow @sashavdotcom.

Sasha is gifted at both creating beauty through design and creating flow through detail management. It’s rare to have that combination, and that’s what truly makes her a rockstar at what she does.
— Jess Grippo | Dancer, Writer, Coach, & Founder of You Can Dance Again