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I chose and continue to work with Sally & Sasha because I knew I wanted to feel more supported in my business (just like I was personally and professionally with mentors). I wanted my team to align with my business’ mission and really want to support that mission. I also wanted them to be intuitive, personable and deeply caring and also practical, smart, and well versed in the behind-the-scenes workings of an online business. The Biz Sistahs cover all those bases and then some. Working with them I feel so taken care of and I know my clients are well taken care of too. I have even more free time to focus on my family, writing, creation, and being in my zone of genius and my business still gets the best care. These two are a dream team that works so well together (I mean does it get any better than having real life sisters on your team!?) and make it so easy to feel taken care of.
— Allison Braun | Business Mentor & Founder of Living Richly with Allison Braun®


The Biz Sistahs not only help me run my business (and have completely run it for me while I’ve stepped away at the time of writing this for my maternity leave) but they remind me to be me. They have success on their mind when it comes to my business yet they always remind me and urge me to weave my essence and my deepest life desires into any plans for success. The work they do for and on my business is thoughtful, inspired, and done with lots of heart. They don’t offer anything cookie cutter. What they offer is unique and life changing. Thank you, S&S!
— Charlotte Blake | Founder of Charlotte Blake Pilates


Before working with the Biz Sistahs, I had been doing pretty much everything in my business myself for years, with short spurts of hiring a VA or an intern. Now that I know what it’s like to have this level of support, I don’t want to run my business at all if it’s not with Sally & Sasha on my team! (Seriously, I told them that after the first month of working with them.) They have not only provided a deep level of organization and structural support that helps everything flow smoothly, but they also have provided a deep level of spiritual support that has helped me time and again to realign and reconnect during times when I felt like giving up. I have known both Sally & Sasha for years, I have seen them shine in their own unique ways, and now having both of them together as a rockstar team is like a dream come true. They see the small details I tend to miss, they deliver tangible, amazing results (my income has increased each month since hiring them), and they keep me in check when I get sidetracked so that we can work in ways that are “alive and aligned.” I’m truly grateful! It is a gift to work with them.


These ladies know their shit! Beyond that I deeply appreciate that they act as advocates for me and my business, and I truly feel like they are part of my team helping me to thrive. Their process of building out a yearly plan has been a game changer - now that I’ve experienced that I can’t go back to what I was doing before.
— Brittany Crosby | Founder of The Co Pilates


Sally is the kind of human being that simply makes everything in your life easier. Sasha is like the whipped cream, sprinkles and cherry on top of the sundae! Whenever I have a problem I need help with, I instantly think of these two women first. They are a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need to feel aligned, motivated and secure in your business (and in your life!). I’m incredibly grateful for their support and their love. They inspire me every day to keep shining my light. If you want to dream, grow, laugh, be supported, and create bigger and better than you ever have before, you must talk to Sally & Sasha.
— Gabriela Brunner | Intuitive Coach & Founder of The Guided Career™


Sally & Sasha came into my life exactly when I needed them, like gifts directly from God! They went above and beyond to understand my greater vision and help me to ground that into actionable steps. I can’t even count the amount of happy tears I cried because I felt so supported and understood. They allowed me to work through a lot of ingrained guilt I was carrying around receiving help, just by being themselves and pouring so much love into everything they do. My expectations were always exceeded, and everything we did together was infused with so much magic as they (seemingly effortlessly) brought my ideas into reality. This is the next level support I dreamed was possible and now I will never settle for less!
— Alana Louise | Intuitive Healer & Soul Coach


The Biz Sistahs are amazing, magical goddesses! Sally & Sasha have an abundance of knowledge about running a business. Anything you need they will make happen for you. It was a pleasure working with them.
— Jen Schwartz | Online Business Manager



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