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Sacred Artist

Sally is on a mission to reclaim all things as sacred, especially your expression – and especially when your expression evolves into a business. She is a master at seeing a vision in all its epic glory and translating that into clear, tangible, doable steps. Most importantly, she does this all while embracing ease, pleasure, and fun for everyone involved, because if it’s not pleasurable, she’s not interested.

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Systems Superhero

Here are three things Sasha believes to be true: (1) systems are everything: they impact your ability to work in/on your biz with ease and they provide a container for your biz to grow; (2) authenticity is gorgeous: there is no reality in which you must sacrifice beauty in your Biz, Brand, Buzz for the sake of being perceived as authentic; (3) marketing is magical: it allows you to communicate your truth and share your unique abilities with the universe - so, if you're embodying your truth, your marketing won't ever feel icky.

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Sparkly Ideas Unicorn

Allison holds sacred space for transitions, transformations, messes, dead ends, and not-sure-where-to-starts. She offers a breath of fresh air, partnership, and support toward alignment, emergence, possibility, and growth. Her magic includes communication, organization, planning, logistics, creative problem-solving, and leadership. Allison is our fire starter + accountability queen at The Biz Sistahs.

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Visionary Abstract Artist

Natalie is an artist of feelings; an inner-truth seeker who thinks in color. Blending her photography with hand painted texture, she creates dream-like works that have been on display in Los Angeles and New York. Her joy is in connecting to nature, the shape and movement of the human body, and embracing the intuition that guides her. Natalie is our go-to photographer at The Biz Sistahs.

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Queen of the Stars

Neha has known Astrology nearly her whole life, but it was during her sacred rock bottom that she found her way back to it. Astrology opened her eyes to who she is, and who she has always wanted to be. Through astrology, human design, meditation, and energy healing, Neha has created a life where her baseline is happy + joyful. It is her mission to bring this work to others and lead them back to an authentic, abundant, and purposeful life. Neha is our astrology + human design guru at The Biz Sistahs.

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