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Living Richly with Allison Braun®

Known as “The Queen of Ease,” Allison is your go-to woman if you want to experience more ease and pleasure in your business. An international Business & Life Success Coach, she is on a mission to change the way women live and work in the world.

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The Biz Sistahs are not only my team, but they feel like my family as we work on this vision and mission together.
— Allison Braun


Expand into your next level of impact + income and enjoy your life even more without overworking or sacrificing what’s most important to you.



The Co Pilates

Brittany Crosby is the creator and founder of The Co Pilates. Her love of movement and examining the possibilities of the human body fueled her passion to help others discover the full potential of their own bodies through Pilates. 

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I deeply appreciate that they act as advocates for me and my business, and I truly feel like they are part of my team, helping me to thrive.
— Brittany Crosby


Connect the dots in your body and learn how to engage in more efficient movement through a powerful pilates practice.



Charlotte Blake Pilates

Charlotte established Charlotte Blake Pilates to help people bring greater alignment, strength, and presence to their body and their lives. Her intention is to help you better understand your body and your self so that you can stand firm in your power and embrace the beauty in your life.

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The work they do for and on my business is thoughtful, inspired, and done with lots of heart. They don’t offer anything cookie cutter. What they offer is unique and life changing.
— Charlotte Blake


Rediscover your inner strength and feel better in your body. Begin your transformative journey to a more powerful you.



Dynamic Core

Fran Darnell founded Dynamic Core to help women activate the full potential of their whole selves – mind, body, spirit – through a unique combination of energy healing, movement, and coaching. She is passionate about empowering women to channel their intuition in a meaningful way and create change in all areas of their lives.

For more magic, visit or follow @dynamiccorewellness.


The Biz Sistahs have a powerful way of working intuitively from a grounded spiritual space when it comes to operating a business, along with branding and visibility.
— Fran Darnell


Align and strengthen yourself from the inside out so that you can feel more alive, strong, and powerful in your body and in your life.



You Can Dance Again

Jess Grippo is an award-winning dancer, writer, coach, TEDx speaker, and the creator of You Can Dance Again. Her work is about guiding people back into dance: as a vehicle for re-inventing your self and your world, for reconnecting to the power in your body, for creating.

For more magic, visit or follow @jessgrippo.


Now that I know what it’s like to have this level of support, I don’t want to run my business at all if it’s not with Sally & Sasha on my team! (Seriously, I told them that after the first month of working with them.)
— Jess Grippo


Revive your creative expression and reclaim the power in your body. Join the Dance Rebel movement or start your own movement with dance.


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